Owner’s commitment

In our shop, we make domestic buckwheat flour 80%, wheat flour 20%, carefully soba every morning and serve to customers. Look for a good place for the year
The dried bonito designated by the local great king is used for bonito.
With dried bonito, the components of umami contained in bonito are condensed, so you can get a soup with the strong taste of bonito. Please visit once.

Wasabi from Miyagawa

Water from Ise Miyagawa, the best clear stream in Japan, uses wasabi from Miyagawa.

Just like

Vegetables from Mie Prefecture

We use fresh vegetables from our field and serve them in tempura.
The spicy radish is also homemade.
Spicy radishes are not sweet, unlike spruce daikon, and they use spicy radishes. It is said to be a condiment for soba noodles.